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Ramadan Part 1

Ramadan Part 1

October 17th, 2004
Ramadan 3rd, 1425
5:20 am, Eastern Standard Time
The pulsating alarm on my clock radio is saying to me...
"If you wanna eat today, you better do it now!"

I submit to the will of the clock, which is ultimately The Will of Allah, Subhana wa Taa'ala
Climbin outta bed, quietly sneakin into the kitchen for a suhoor feast of...
Dannon Frusion and Cheerios

Im the only one up in the house
But around town and all over the East Coast
Mumineen wake up to that clock radio alarm
that cell phone vibration
That loving parent
That 11 year old taping his mother on the shoulder to wake up
Reminding her that she needs to make food so that he can fast today

And as I finish my yogurt and cereal
I feel proud and humbled at the same time

Proud to be a part of this Deen
Proud to be able to say "LA ILAHA IL ALLAH" without a speck of doubt
Proud to decline the kind offering of fries at the lunch table for the reason that
I am fasting today, along with all my brothers and sister in Islam
To show Allah that I truly am Abdul Malik: Servant of The Master

And I am humbled
Sawm will do that to you
Knowing that, while the sun is up,
All I'm gonna taste is reality
A flavor some never taste
Preferring to stay sipping ignorance
With a twist of bliss
A flavor some know all to well
But you can't send it back
When it's the only thing on the menu
This is what goes through my mind
As I go to make Wudoo
I remembering mnemonical formalu I learned at Masjid Al-Baqi

Hands              His
Mouth              Mercy
Nose                Never
Face                Fails

Arms               Allah
Head               Helps
Ears                Every
Feet                Family

I hear Medina calling Adhan through my computer speakers
Time for Fajr prayer
Twice I glorify Allah
Bow in worship
And wish peace upon the Angels at my sides
Rolling up my prayer rug I feel  inspired
Any poet would.



Copyright Peter Casey 2004 ©.


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