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Day of Reckoning

The eternal being spoke from the zenith

Of a beaten sun starving the day

Of stars in the sky raining the sea

Of a thousand galaxies drifting astray

Of cliffs and hills strewn over deserts

Of a vast ocean snatching the bay

Of a loyal moon turning its eyes

Of the last child looking away


The child sat aside and listened carefully

To dancing feet splashing on water

To blooming roses calling the sun

To elated faces singing a mantra

To coloured hands cheering the clouds

To wild animals bathing in rivers

To birds in the sky encircling the world

To the last Word spoken


His voice blew and whispered through the wind

‘Blessed are the believing

Who are true to their trusts and promises

And are just and forgiving

Blessed be to God

Who creates and provides

And is the most compassionate and merciful of all

Blessed be this Day of Reckoning

Let us see the sky split asunder

And redden like a rose,

Turn a white flame,

Like the colour of the moon.

May He wait for you there,

And may all who have spoken

Be answered’




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