Day of Reckoning

The eternal being spoke from the zenith

Of a beaten sun starving the day

Of stars in the sky raining the sea

Of a thousand galaxies drifting astray

Of cliffs and hills strewn over deserts

Of a vast ocean snatching the bay

Of a loyal moon turning its eyes

Of the last child looking away


The child sat aside and listened carefully

To dancing feet splashing on water

To blooming roses calling the sun

To elated faces singing a mantra

To coloured hands cheering the clouds

To wild animals bathing in rivers

To birds in the sky encircling the world

To the last Word spoken


His voice blew and whispered through the wind

‘Blessed are the believing

Who are true to their trusts and promises

And are just and forgiving

Blessed be to God

Who creates and provides

And is the most compassionate and merciful of all

Blessed be this Day of Reckoning

Let us see the sky split asunder

And redden like a rose,

Turn a white flame,

Like the colour of the moon.

May He wait for you there,

And may all who have spoken

Be answered’




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Remembering Karbala & Ode To Malik

These are two of my poems of an Islamic nature.

Some remember the Alamo.
I remember Karbala.
Rest in peace, ye seventy-two
Followers of Allah.
In the land of Abraham
On that hot Iraqi day
After Husayn's comrades
Spent one last night to pray.
Grandson of a Prophet,
But that mattered not.
Husayn was a good man
He reluctantly fought.
The generals had slaughtered
Almost every last soldier.
They were ruthless and bloody;
The heat just made them colder.
He tried to ask for peace,
But Yazid's men wanted none.
Imam Husayn asked for water,
For his six month old son.
They gave him no water.
But an arrow instead.
Through Husayn's arm,
Into his little boy's head.
Still Husayn wanted peace.
He warned those cruel men.
But they shot him and shot him,
And shot him again.
Poor Husayn, full of arrows,
Bent down to pray, just once more.
The men cut off his head to deliver
To the cruel Khaliph's door.
Sunni and Shi'ite,
Muslim and Infidel.
Please mourn with me now,
For the tragedy that befell.
Now cut your skin!
Bleed tears for Husayn!
May our adrenaline pump,
Let us taste of his pain!

February 21, 1965 is the day that history records
That Malcolm X had died.
But X did not die that day of course,
From that fact you can not hide!

X was already solved by
The connection, al-Jabr,
The mujahid of righteousness
already won the war.

The man who gave that speech that day,
was not called Malcolm X,
Behold El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz,
the man whom time forgets.

X was solved through knowledge,
Malik knew of his tribe.
He had outgrown that X in Mecca,
When God had seen the time was ripe.

My Favorite

Day of Judgement
"Standing Room Only"

Standing room only,
not even room to kneel and pray.
Standing room only,
on the judgment day.

"Last night I had an awful dream
that the end of time had come,
the trumpets had been sounding
and life on earth was done.
An angel stood one foot on land,
the other foot on sea,
and as I tried to kneel and pray.....
a voice said unto me.

"There's standing room only,
its to late now to pray.
There's standing room only,
this is the judgment day."

People filled each Masjid
and Masjid yard just
as far as I could see,
I heard a pitiful cry for mercy,
and then I realized it was me
I saw the Savior then appear
as he split the Eastern sky.

I saw tears of joy on a
Muslim face,
and I heard the sinners cry,
and as I tried to touch his hand
with one last feeble plea,
I cried again....."have mercy,
have mercy my Imam on me."

I saw a tear come to his eye,
as he turned my soul away
I didn't know Him yesterday,
and He knew me not today.....

The earth was burning all around,
the world went up in smoke
and as the flames engulfed me,
thank God, I awoke.
Then I got out of bed,
and got down on my knees,
and you should have heard me pray.
For in my dream I witnessed
Gods great judgment day.

Standing room only
on Gods great judgment day...

Here goes

Asalaam oualekim todas personas,

I joined here under the user Addriana, but I already have a journal going on Miami_shadows, so that's what I'm gonna use from now on. This is my first poem about Islam, so don’t be surprised if it's pretty bad since...hell, I’ve got no experience. My middle name is Addriana and I go by that when I first meet people online, but my first name is Lana</st1:givenname>, and I usually go by that. So if you’ve got time, tell me what you think, insha’allah it won’t be so bad!



I refuse to be addicted, afflicted to the sickness of the doubt

Of my faith, I believe it

Blood spilt from our veins is blood spilt in vain, while

Those who have an aversion cast aspersion

The searing scars remain

You know that you need to understand

Though it’s difficult to explain


Born live die all in three seconds sounds so quick

We’re born to live and die as people live to try

While it has to end anyway


Lonely you wander seeking nothing but air

You wander, squandering your cares

As you continue to cry your soul empty

The infinite fear of fears unknown

I wanna save you

You wanna save me


Wish they could erase the shame

Wonder and imagination swallowed

Pointing fingers spreading blame

Where the spinning doesn’t stop


Once you look around

Your voice is drowned

In ignorant sounds

Make it so that you lose your mind

Half the time

Absorbed in money sex and lies

Disillusioned confused

Our beliefs are abused

When we know right from wrong

Don’t you wanna escape this?

Where people give us strange looks and mistake us

For criminals and terrorists

Take us to a place

Where we scream and we pray for a way to stay true

To the one, to Allah


A fleeting taste of freedom

For an eternity free from shadow

When logic marries reason and

Takes shelter in the forgotten


Others follow with blind faith

But I can’t be distracted

I gotta stay straight

If I believe that I love you

Does that make it true?

I know that I don’t have the time to wait


But Allah is the breathe that saves us from suffocation

In a world where those who are intoxicated with temptation

Fall quickly into frustration and disaster

So falling flailing you come here

You can see what you are lacking so strongly

Allah gives us the need to need something else

Insanely screaming the woes of the world

Anguish; we need the release of it


So while your fear is in plain sight

Don’t hide it

Or it will devour you

Knock the heart out of you

Beat the breathe out of you

Shake the will out of you

Burn the shame into your skin like a scar

That bleeds everyday in spite of the memory

That tries to heal

So as you cry

As you’re screaming, why?

Remember to forget selling the truth

Exchanging the purity

Designing an imitation of perfection

For the colors lost among the blind

The sounds vanished among the deaf

As the sky melts into the sea

As the hate melts into the love

As innocence shivers in the frigid air

As we all disappear


Into the frozen atmosphere when

Deep in darkness, suddenly conscious!

And all

That is

There is



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(no subject)

Hey salam,
I've been listening to a MPAC CD- the first one- and I've ALWAYS LOVED THESE LYRICS. So just know they're not mine. I wish I was this talented though. Lol, enjoy-

A life
But in time, it ends
Your eyes shut, souls rise and your minds descend
Your time is in
No, you can't rewind your sins
You can't hide behind your friends
I think you guys, need to learn to think and rise
Here- snatch your last breath before yo blink your eyes
Gone in an instant like a bug to a breeze
I guarantee, He'll bring a heart his thug to his knees like drugs to his knees
Brothas, we heading down the wrong road
I feel this compassion for this deen has gone cold
It's like this dunya's in a strong hold



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First Post

Before I share my poem, let me just state I am not a poet LOL. I am more used to writing prose so this is new to me.


Why do they hate You
When You give them so much?

Why do they despise You
And shrink from Your touch?

You show them the light
And give them a way,
But they laugh and they mock
And go far astray.

I wish I could hug You
And draw oh so near.

Their words may not hurt You,
But they bring me to tears.

~ Saffanah Sitareh

(no subject)

I don't think we realize
When we look into each other's eyes
This may be the last time
We'll see each other on the living line
Not knowing when we drop
Our heartbeats just stop
Kanye's words resounding in our heads
Saying we "drop and then flop"
Wondering where we're heading next
Remembering words of Malcolm X
Repeating the only verse of the Qur'an we know
Keep reminding ourselves not to let go
Trying to get out of this nightmare
Trying to catch our last breath of air

"Did I even pray this morning?"
"Will this all be over? Is this a warning?"
"Allah, please, ONE MORE CHANCE!"
"I knew I shouldn't have taken that dance"
If we'd listen to the words of Muhammad and other prophets
Maybe it wouldn't take us an hour to pick out our daily outfits
But spending that hour reading Qur'an
Maybe our lives wouldn't be as close to done

But now it's too late
I don't know where I'm going, so I shall wait
As the temperature rises in the atmosphere
I realize, I'm soon to disappear
Remembering all the things we've done in our lifetime
It all looks like a war crime
"Oh Allah, I will do anything to get my life ba-"

...Just then I awaken
Still alive, wondering how I could've forsaken
Crying, smiling, frowning, jumping, yelling, singing
Being a hypocritical being

Allah is the most Merciful
We'll never find ANYONE as wonderful
Forgiving and helping us out
The last thing you want to die with is a doubt
Just remember, Allah is always there
Turn to him because he's always fair

Wrote that when I was in 6th grade so if it's not impressive, you know why. I added the Kanye part though...I don't know, it sounded better to me (?)