Saffanah Sitareh (saffanah_s) wrote in muslimpoetry,
Saffanah Sitareh

First Post

Before I share my poem, let me just state I am not a poet LOL. I am more used to writing prose so this is new to me.


Why do they hate You
When You give them so much?

Why do they despise You
And shrink from Your touch?

You show them the light
And give them a way,
But they laugh and they mock
And go far astray.

I wish I could hug You
And draw oh so near.

Their words may not hurt You,
But they bring me to tears.

~ Saffanah Sitareh
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Awwwwhhhh that's sooo good! Mashallah!

"Before I share my poem, let me just state I am not a poet LOL."

lol, you are now
Haha thank you.

If you say so. :)
Double Masha'Allah that was beautiful

please post more

i realy like that
good flow

Thanks! :)
Congratulations to your wonderful poem. I'm new to this community, maybe with all the inspirations from all of you, Insya'Allah I'll be able to write as wonderfully as you all here.